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URL examples: https://www.facebook.com/Mathewstudioedathua1976/videos/395617080995924/


July 25 2019:

Added new thumbnail sizes to accomodate for the empty space that wasn't used before: the new thumbnails are now larger and higher quality than before.

June 15 2019:

Servers have been optimized to deliver the best performance: a better CPU and RAM were installed in the server to give it a new breath of speed.

May 20 2019:

Minor bugs and issues were fixed, the downloader should be back to normal and working fine.

March 1 2019:

Added thumbnails to all videos and fixed the issue of video detection for some videos: better URL detection that allows us to fetch almost any video.

January 9 2019:

The website is now 100% responsive and works for mobile devices as good as desktop version: with our new theme the website looks fresh and provides an easier user-experience than before, especially for mobile users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you track our usage history?

No, we do not track our users' usage history nor do we keep track of downloaded videos. However we use Google Analytics for traffic and behavior analysis, but all data is treated and saved anonymously.

How about copyrighted videos?

We do not allow downloading of copyrighted videos or any other type of content that is protected under any laws of commercial/personal copyrights.

Do you have Terms and Conditions?

Yes, the main part of our terms and conditions is you aren't allowed to download copyrighted videos, and by using our service you acknowledge that you accept all of the terms listed.

Do you save videos on your servers?

No, all of the videos are on Facebook's servers and we do not host any content that is processed on our servers.

Are you related to Facebook?

No, we have nothing to do with Facebook as a company and all trademarks, logos or content belongs to Facebook.

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